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Best T-Mobile Benefit Of The Year

For several years now — T-Moblie has done giveaways on Tuesdays.  You need to have the “T-Mobile Tuesdays App”  on your smartphone.  When I first joined T-Mobile in early 2019, the giveaways were pretty good.  There were several weeks when I got free coffees at Dunkin.   (Little secret about me — I like getting loaded like a freight train on caffeine drinks.)  

To be honest, the Tuesday benefits have not been that good lately.  However once a year — they give us customers something fantastic.  As an official sponsor of Major League Baseball, right before baseball season starts each year T-Mobile gives away a free subscription to MLB.TV — its worth $130 a year.  There are no gimmicks and no upsells.  If you love baseball — this is for you.  With MLB.TV — you can watch every single out of market game every day of the season.  (Your local teams are always on cable.  And actually , I shouldn’t be saying this — but if you use a VPN, you can PROBABLY  watch the in-market games with this free subscription as well.)    The sign up period starts on Apr 5 and runs through Apr 12.  You will need the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on your phone.  Download it from the App Store / Play Store.  Sign in with your T-Mobile phone number and password.   

Starting on Tuesday if you claim the offer you will then create a user name and password for MLB.TV.   I’ll be doing it right away on Tuesday.  If not for you – do it for the baseball fan in your life.  No gimmicks — truly a $130 / year streaming package.