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Facebook and Google Privacy

If you are a Facebook user, I would encourage you to tweak your privacy settings or get some help doing so.  From the computer, when you are on you need to click the triangle in the upper right corner of the Facebook page.  From there click on Settings.  Then click privacy.  Those settings can be tweaked to your liking. I  think the most important one is the setting all the way down at the bottom.   Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?  That should be set to “No.”   After you have adjusted those options, you will also want to look at Apps and Websites from the Settings page.   There you will see all of the websites and apps that you have given access to using your Facebook account.  Some of these may be valid, but there may be some that you want to revoke.   In the Security and Login section you can turn on two factor authentication for your Facebook account.   I highly recommend it if your Facebook account is important to you and you want to prevent unauthorized access.   Finally, you need to go to your Facebook profile page by clicking on your name at the top of the screen.  You should go through each entry in the About section and decide whether info like your birthday, employers, Likes, and so on are shared with Only Me, Friends, Friends of Friends, or the whole world.   It’s time for a tune up!   You may need to put the same effort into your Google account as well. 

Facebook is not a safe place to hang out

Just wanted to give everyone this article that came into my news feed today —
This article is proof positive why most of us have no business being on Facebook.   They own the rights to our lives and everything we put on there.

Facebook has gotten so open by allowing application developers to use whatever data they want to build software that exposes what other members are doing — for scores of curious people to find.       Though this is merely my opinion — get off of Facebook!  It is a disaster waiting to expose you, your family, hurt your career and hurt your children.     Aside from this recent development, my biggest rationale for this has always been — Facebook is a free service.  There is no customer service.  You have no recourse when things go bad.

Here are just a couple of alternatives to specific Facebook functions — which are much more accountable should things go wrong.

Job seeking / looking to professionally network?   —  —  their free option doesn’t get you anything — but the real LinkedIn is $25 to $50 a month.  You don’t have to be a member forever, though depending on your line of work you may need to be.

Photo backup / management / sharing? —  (a Yahoo company) — Free account has some pretty good features or $25 a year for a full featured account.  — $40 a year, catering to more serious amateur / professional photographers.

Want to delete that Facebook account?    Go to the help section once you’ve logged into your account.  In the search box, type  ‘permanently delete Facebook account’.     Follow all the prompts, you will have to enter your password once or twice.    As long as you don’t log back in for 14 days — your account will remain deleted.