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Acronym Update 11/12/07

Dear Readers,

Here are your updates for today:

1. To all readers who served in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for your service.

Your commitment to defending our nation’s core values was priceless, honorable, and courageous. I’ve been known to eat at a few buffets from time to time, and occasionally I see patrons who are active duty servicemen and women. It brings me great joy to humbly approach these people in uniform and tell them “Thank you for your sacrifice.”

Today, veterans, I’m offering you the same message.

2. Attention _________- Mart shoppers, the PlayStation 3 is now priced at $399 and includes Spiderman 3 on Blu-Ray DVD. Here is a link to so you don’t have to deal with those clowns at Best Buy —

3. It looks like my prediction about cable TV providers implementing their own digital migration (not mandated by the Federal DTV law), is getting underway in central Connecticut. On 12/4/07 CSPAN 2 will be moving from Channel 23 to the 180’s on Comcast’s lineup. You will not need to pay any more to get this channel, but you will need to go to your local Comcast store (Plainville, Bloomfield, Bolton, Middletown….) and pick up a box. Alternatively, you can have a service technician bring and hook up a box for you. If you are currently a subscriber of the Standard Cable package (approx. 53.99 / mo before taxes), you can rent a box for 1.00 per month. You may not care about CSPAN, but when channels like CNN, CNBC, NESN, YES, TNT, USA, DISNEY start going to digital only — you’ll get off your chair and get a digital set top box. 🙂

4. Understand what extended warranties and accidental damage plans are and aren’t. When you purchase a computer (or another big electronics item), you may also decide to purchase a multi-year extended warranty. In some cases, this is a great idea. Remember though that such warranties cover hardware and mechanical defects only. Almost always, they do not entitle you to free, unlimited in-store technical support. For software issues, not related to the initial factory installation of a particular program — you may be able to deal directly with the computer manufacturer, but they will likely field general Windows questions only. Accidental damage policies should be self explanatory. If you drop your computer in the bathtub, spill coffee on it, have a monitor fall of the desk and break, you may be covered. This is not a technical support policy either.

My reaction: Thank God!! Otherwise, independent I.T. support people like myself would never have any work!!!

Have a beautiful day,