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Picks–Clubhouse Leaders in Technology

With a great British Open wrapping up last Sunday, culminating in a win by American Jordan Spieth, I wanted to use a golf theme for today’s update.

I seek to tell you about my clubhouse leaders in 3 product categories.  These best in class products have finished their rounds.  They are worth your investment should you need them.   Amazon or other links are provided


With Apple not having updated their routers with new models since 2013, I have suggested that it is time to look to other brands.  I have worked with the Asus, Netgear, Linksys, and Belkin models of the world.  I have recently gotten involved in setting up “mesh” WiFi systems for clients.   Mesh systems entail a base router and 1 or 2 satellites.  It is a perfect solution for a long or a large house.  This new technology is the replacement for wireless extenders.    However, for many of my clients including those living in an apartment or a house with less than 2,000 sq ft, a single router will get the job done.    For a single router, I am recommending the Asus brand.   Today, I set up a new router for a client in under 30 minutes.   The entire process could not have easier.   Asus also regularly updates the software on their new routers.  This is critical in terms of combating security threats. 

I can highly recommend these 2 ASUS routers




If you need just the basics, meaning black and white, along with copying and scanning capabilities, I could only steer you toward a Brother MFC (multi-function) machine.  Accept no substitutes.   You don’t have to worry about color ink cartridges.  You can buy one toner at a time from Amazon or Staples.  You get a very low cost per print.   I have been using my Brother black and white laser since 2013.  Today there is an updated model that supports Air Print (iOS) and Google Print.  Your mobile devices are covered. 


Small Speaker

Have you ever wanted to play your iPhone, iPad or Android device out loud?   The built in speaker on your device will only take you so far.   You need this wireless speaker from Anker.  It produces loud, crisp sound that will help your media come alive or soothe you at night. 

Anker Sound Core 2

I’ll see you at the bar after you finish your round.   Have an O’Douls ready for me!


Netflix’s Demise Was Greatly Exaggerated – Total Subscribers up 25% From Last Year Despite Missteps |, ISP Information

Netflix’s Demise Was Greatly Exaggerated – Total Subscribers up 25% From Last Year Despite Missteps |, ISP Information.

$8 per month for unlimited video streamed to your computer, mobile device, or TV.   Are you ready to “cut the cord” yet?

Netflix option for slower internet connection

To those who watch Netflix streaming AND do not have a fast enough connection to stream HD movies:

I just read in the Netflix FAQ that there is a way to change your settings on to “NO HD”. With this option, whenever you play movies it will choose the standard stream.

I never knew this until tonight and now you know too.

If you cannot find this in your online settings, give Netflix a call 1-866-636-3076.

Netflix Kills Qwikster DVD-Only Business Before Launch – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD

Netflix Kills Qwikster DVD-Only Business Before Launch – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD.

While I don’t think the original idea to separate DVD and streaming was a terrible one, Netflix stock really took a beating in the past few weeks.  Several of my clients have switched to streaming — not because of the proposed separation — but due to the pricing changes in July.  However, Netflix recognized that the DVD business is still healthy and cannot be demoted to second fiddle.

They will still charge 8.00 a month for the most basic DVD package and 8.00 a month for unlimited streaming.   You can still get two or three DVDs at a time for $14 to $17 a month.

Help is still available if you wish to transition to the streaming account and get Netflix (or Amazon Prime) video on your TV.

McNugget Shortage At McDonalds

Dear Readers,
I thought you would appreciate this strange but humorous story from the lighter side of the news.   Apparently, a woman in Florida got so upset by her local McDonalds being out of Chicken McNuggets that she called the police.    Read the 1-paragraph article and police report by clicking the link below…
Enjoy your french fries

The Natural – Best Sports Movie Ever?

Do you remember this 1984 film starring Robert Redford?    The Natural has to be my favorite sports movie and surely one of my top 10 favorite films of all time.

It just brings up so many positive emotions in me, each time I watch it.

Enjoy the final scene, the big game ending home run, by clicking on the You Tube link below.  (5 mintues long)

Think of all the stars that were in this picture:   Redford, Glenn Close,  a young Kim Basinger, Barbara Hershey, Robert Duval, Darren McGavin, Wilford Brimley and Richard Farnsworth.

I’m sad to report that McGavin and Farnsworth are no longer with us.      Sadly, Farnsworth (whom you may also remember from the Anne of Green Gables series), committed suicide in the year 2000.

Do you have a favorite sports film?