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ATT Yahoo Account Changes

For those of you who have ATT Yahoo accounts, you should take note that your ATT Yahoo account (including,, and will not work with most Yahoo services after June 30, 2017.  With some of these services, the ATT Yahoo account will need to be converted to a regular Yahoo ID.  In other situation, it will be necessary to create or use a different Yahoo ID.  Take a deep breath, the one major exception is Yahoo Mail.  There will be no changes to how you access e-mail at this time.  Please read this update from ATT!/email-support/KM1181338

Connecticut residential internet customers should keep in mind that they have no connection with ATT anymore.  The ATT e-mail accounts were not absorbed by Frontier.   I want to reiterate my plea for ATT Yahoo e-mail customers to migrate to a Gmail or independently owned e-mail account.   Yahoo is now owned by Verizon, a major ATT competitor.   Further restrictions on Yahoo services, including mail, may be around the corner.  Be proactive.


Fieldston Software – gSyncit – Sync Outlook and Google Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks

Fieldston Software – gSyncit – Sync Outlook and Google Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks.


Need to sync your Google contacts, calendar and tasks with Outlook?  Even with Outlook 2010 and 2013?  Even in Windows 8?   Using Windows?   Buy Gsyncit!!

Remember, your ability to sync with Outlook and a free Gmail account will forever change in Jan. 2013.   You will either need to update to a paid GApps account or use a tool like Gsyncit.

Your Questions Answered

1.  Capturing a screen shot:   sometimes you’ll want to do this.   Perhaps you want to show me whats on your screen in the process of getting help.  You might want to take a screen shot to compare notes with another person, for example if you both have the same program open and they claim you are not seeing the same thing.   Perhaps you want to capture what is on your screen exactly as it looks for some type of evidentiary or archival reason.   This is easy.   I will cover both Windows and Mac scenarios.

Windows:     traditionally on most Windows computers — there has been a Print Screen button on your keyboard.    Press it.  Then open up a program like Microsoft Word (or equivalent) and then   Paste from the Edit menu (or Paste Special).   Your screen image will appear in the document.   You may want to print in Landscape mode (wide) to get the screen shoot to appear all on one page.     In Windows 7, there is a an additional way to capture a screen shot.  On your start menu — look for Snipping Tool.   If it isn’t obviously its in All Programs >> Accessories.    This allows you to drag a window around what you want to capture.  It then saves the image as a picture file on your screen.   You can then save that image and do what you want with it.


Mac:   There is a great utility baked into the Mac called Grab.  I use it often; in fact I keep it in my dock for easy access.    To open Grab for the first time, open Finder >> Utilities >> Grab.    Click on the Capture menu at the top and then chose whether you want to capture just a selection (of your choosing), a window (a particular program’s window), or the whole screen.    After the screen shot is taken, a picture file opens on your screen.  From there you can save it, e-mail it or print it.


2.   Dealing with a troubling spam e-mail message:    it happens.   Someone told me they received an e-mail telling them they had ordered something and a tracking number was even provided in the e-mail.  It wasn’t even a valid tracking number with the shipper.    So what’s the deal?    The senders of this message are likely located in Jamaica, Nigeria, or perhaps an eastern european country.  They would like nothing more  than for you to engage them in discussion.   DON’T.   Doing so will expose you to financial harm and possibly harassment.    Just as there is troubling postal mail from time to time or chain letters asking for money to be sent to the next link, there are even more sophisticated e-mail scams.   It isn’t a good idea to respond to the postal mail and it isn’t a good idea to respond to the junk e-mail.


A couple of tips:   Use one e-mail address for real correspondence and another e-mail address for online shopping, newsletter subscriptions, and other things you sign up for.     It would be wise to use the personal correspondence e-mail for secure things like banking as well.      Your real e-mail account should be one that you pay for or have a high degree of control over.   This could include one connected to your internet service or one that you pay for separately.  If you are looking to establish a new personal (or business) e-mail address that has some accountability associated with it, consider Google Apps ($5 a month / $50 per year) or @ $50 per year.


3.    I believe I’ve touched on this once before — but it bears repeating because at different times we are all shopping for something.    THERE IS NO MORE WHITE APPLE MAC BOOK LAPTOP FOR $999.  It’s been off the market for one year.  It came in a “standard” screen size of 13.3 inches and was not some cut rate starter model.  It was a great deal.    Apple phased that out and replaced it with the 11.6 inch Mac Book Air  for $999.       In my opinion, this is more of a toy than any thing else.  It might be a laptop for OCCASIONAL USE but not for getting work done on.   The screen is too small and without a laptop stand there will be some serious neck strain.    So you really have 2 choices for a standard sized Mac laptop — at 13.3 inches:


Mac Book Pro   13  – $1199 to $1499

Mac Book Air 13  –  same pricing


4.   Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit:     Apple scored a major victory against Samsung on Friday for patent infringement.    Interestingly enough Samsung’s tablets were judged not to have violated patents related to the iPad.     For those of you who are out of the loop on this — Samsung is the #1 seller of Android phones — an iPhone rival.     The lawsuit did not cover Samsung’s latest blockbuster phone – the Galaxy S III  which has sold over 10 million units since it was released in June.    Again for those of you who do not know — Android is the software on the phone and was designed by Google.    The software on an iPhone is called iOS.   Why didn’t Apple sue Google (yet) ?    Google actually provides the software to companies that make Android phones like Motorola, Samsung, and HTC — for FREE.  However, Google does profit from it in other ways.  If you have an older Samsung Android phone — Samsung may be pushing a software update out to you to ensure compliance with patent law.    Do I still think some people should consider an Android phone?   Yes.   Especially if you are connected with many Google services — you will probably like a GOOD Android phone better.   Keep in mind there are many bad Android phones on the market.   If you were the type that liked to tinker with a car in your younger days — you’ll like an Android.   If you want the best deal out of the box with no tinkering — you’ll prefer an iPhone.  If you want a phone with a physical keyboard — you’ll want an Android phone.

Google’s new privacy policy takes effect tomorrow 

Just wanted to let clients know once again that Google is changing their privacy policy, effective tomorrow.   The company claims that this actually gives customers more privacy.  In a nutshell they are simply collecting non-identifiable data from all the Google services you use into one profile for use in internal improvements and to help them better market advertisements.

So for example — instead of them knowing we have one customer, age 35, male, from Hartford, CT who watches You Tube videos on Michael Jackson  and a customer age 35, male, from Hartford who subscribes to the New York Times news feed in Google Reader …..

Google will now see that oh yes, we have a customer, age 35, male, from Hartford who likes Michael Jackson videos and subscribes to the NY Times news feed.

PERSONALLY,  this new privacy policy is not changing how I use Google services at all.    However, the above article from Mac World (applicable to both Macs and Windows) will tell you how to tidy up your Google services or delete them entirely.

I’ve said for a while now that I believe Gmail is the best free e-mail account on the planet.

I believe that for those of you who want to own a custom e-mail address  ie.  yourname(at)yourowndomain(dot)com,  Google’s Google Apps option ($10 to $60 per year) is one of the best ways to do this as it gives you the same Gmail experience.

A new free e-mail account from Apple for most of you

I have some really good news for most of you.   Apple released its new iCloud service this week and I’m pleased to report that all the bugs were worked out within a few days, not a matter of weeks or months like other services.

iCloud is the replacement for Mobile Me (which was formerly known as dot-mac).   I don’t know if any clients were Mobile Me subscribers for use primarily with your Mac or Windows computer, but I know several of you did use the service with your iPhone / iPad.     Mobile Me was an online collaboration service that gave you e-mail, contacts, and calendar (along with some other features) for $99 a year.   The best part about it was that it backed up your contacts on your iPhone / iPad and also synced them with your Mac or Windows computer.   An iDevice was not required to use Mobile Me.

Fast forward to now and Apple has decided to make Mobile Me into iCloud and turn it into a free service.  It is free with no gimmicks attached, much like a Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail account.    You get an email address, address book and calendar.  Some other exciting features will apply if you also have an iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

So how do you get this new account?  First of all existing Mobile Me customers WILL NOT be charged again for a subscription.  You have until April 30, 2012 to convert to iCloud.  Conversion will happen when you authorize iCloud for the first time.

To convert to iCloud or sign up for the first time you need ONE of the following:

Windows — Vista SP2 or Windows 7 and download the iCloud program

*For Windows, this service will be web based unless you use Outlook 2007 or 2010.  With Outlook, you are able to sync e-mail, contacts, and calendar.

Mac — OS X 10.7.2 which was released on Wednesday.  If you are already running 10.7 Lion, this is a free update.

An iOS 5 device — iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch 3rd or 4th gen.

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to create an Apple ID.  If you have purchased from iTunes before or, you have an Apple ID, your e-mail address.  You can use this, you will later have the option of attaching a new e-mail address to this later.    If you don’t have an Apple ID or want to create a fresh profile, then you can do that as well.   In this scenario your address is your new Apple ID.

I’ve always shared how having a second or third e-mail account, not connected to your Internet service is crucial.  If you don’t use an iPhone or other iDevice, here is why the iCloud still makes sense.   What if your primary e-mail just isn’t working when you NEED to receive an important email from someone?  Now you have a backup.    Want to keep a separate account for your online shopping?  Perhaps your johnnybegood(at)yahoo(dot)com account that you created when you were in a humorous mood or when you were a student is NOT the professional presence you would like to use for job searching.   Well, a account could give you that edge.

Please ask for help, if necessary in creating an iCloud account or converting to it.   This article should be read as a primer.