Decaf And Computer Security

Get A Perfect Cup of Decaf When You Are Out

Going back a few years, it became cool to use the phrase “life hacks” to talk about an innovative or unique way of doing something.  I like a good cup of coffee and I don’t usually keep decaf in the house, but if I go out in the afternoon I want a decaf.  However, on multiple occasions I have literally been left with a bad taste in my mouth.  I have found various Dunkins putting decaf in a carafe just hoping it would stay warm, sitting there for hours.  Here is how to beat getting a stale decaf cuppa.  Go into Dunkin or Starbucks and ask for a “decaf Americano” in the size that you want.  Both places have decaf expresso beans.  You will get a custom made cup of coffee made just for you.  It’s fresh! I got a medium decaf Americano at Dunkin for 3.64. 

Computer Security Briefing – Current Events

Since I dealt with two of these in the past week, one more serious than the other — I have to put you on heightened alert. I helped a client on Thursday that had a browser hijack on her computer. It told her she had a “VIRUS.”  You will be on the internet, seemingly on a safe website and some security message will take over your screen.   This one was masquerading as Microsoft  -but Microsoft was not involved at all.  The phone number was a toll free number purchased by a scammer.  I traced it to a graphics design biz in upstate New York, but they could have just been a front for a real India based tech support scam. 

Remember my warning that I have sent out to you in multiple Decembers — Microsoft, Google, Apple, Pay Pal or Facebook  WILL NOT (repeat the WILL NOT in your mind) pop up with a phone number on your computer asking you to pay for support.  NEVER EVER. 

(I don’t see too many of you with those paper strips I sent out taped to the desk near your computer.  May want to reconsider.) 

Take a look at the attached picture.  It is a picture of a scam. (Totally safe to open as it’s just a picture)  The scenario depicted is as fake as a “Rawlecks” sold on the street in Chinatown. 

Song of the Week

Here is a 1988 performance of “From a Distance” by Nanci Griffith

It was the favorite song of my 4th grade class.  🙂