Time To Update Your Mac–12.6.1

I just spent some time with a client on Saturday and the primary issue was — even on a current model M1 iMac — the software (mac OS) needed to be updated and it hadn’t been updated in months.  The system was on mac OS 12 but it was an older version  12.4.  The latest installment of 12 is 12.6.1.    As much as I say — leave things to the automatic updates — sometimes it doesn’t go that way.

I don’t want anyone updating to mac OS 13 yet (perhaps a few months later would be fine), but Apple does give you the option of just updating to a newer version of OS 12. 

Doing the Update

Some of you can probably do this on your own.  Others, like my 94 year old client on Saturday, will want my help.  Although this was not a brand new OS version, it was a significant update and took 1 hour. 

1. Click on the Apple Menu in the top left of your screen

2. Click System Preferences

3. On the window that appears, click Software Update

4.  On the next screen you will probably see a big button to upgrade to OS 13. YOU DON’T WANT THAT.

5.  Right below in smaller font there will be a section allowing you to do other updates — that’s what you want.    Therein you should see the opportunity to get 12.6.1

Make sure your Mac is plugged in (laptop) and backed up before any updates.  Go for it!!