Big Announcement 2/22/22 – Change Is Coming

I’m going to lead with the Big Announcement here and not bury the lead — starting on March 20, 2022 I will no longer be wearing a mask at in person appointments.   That is almost 2 years to the date that this personal and national nightmare began. I was on board for that “30 days to slow the spread” right there on day one.   It’s time for a new era and a new beginning. The past 7 months have been a very difficult time for me.  It’s been difficult for me to function in a place like West Hartford, Connecticut.   It’s been difficult for me to be an American.  I feel like an outsider looking in and a stranger in a strange land.   A very small percentage of my clients, like 5% or so, were very hostile to me because they made judgements about me regarding my vaccination status.  This is really unfortunate and disgusting.  Some of these people may be your friends.  I’m calling them out.  I’m bringing light to the darkness.  I’m done letting discrimination control my life.

I don’t ask clients if they have had heart surgery, whether they are circumcised, whether they have had their tubes tied, or their breasts augmented.  It does not bother me whether clients have had 1 vaccine, 2 vaccines, 3 vaccines or no vaccines.  It is your private medical information.  It’s my private medical information.   I spent the bulk of 2021 doing vast amounts of research on Covid 19.   I’ve never told anyone not to get a vaccine.   You can make the best choices for yourself. I will make the best choices for myself.  Speaking for myself, I have found I personally have more trust in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Ivermectin than I have ever had in any current vaccines. 100+ members of Congress have taken Ivermectin regularly as a preventative treatment.  It works for them. I have the research to back it up. Even if you have chosen another path, I’m just asking for respect.  I will not stand for a society that seeks to treat skeptics or people with vaccine regret as second class citizens, denying them work and cultural opportunities or just the chance to dine out.  It’s not the America I want to live in.  We can do better.

The way that some clients have treated me has caused me a lot of trauma and significant psychological impairment. I’m done punishing myself for the ignorance of others.  I am pursuing therapy to work on myself and sadly due to my new health insurance plan  — treatment comes at a huge cost.   So I am going to keep working serving you through VIP Computer Care.  I have to work to be able to take care of myself to be the best person, family member, and I.T. Guy that I can be.

The great MLK JR. said — Either we learn to live together as brothers or perish as fools.     That’s what we need to do as a society.  We need to respect our neighbors’ medical choices, the right to peacefully protest, and different views on governance.  We need to consider who is profiting off of official narratives.   We need sanity.  We need dignity.  We have to give people the right to try what works.   I can only speak for or take care of myself.   If your vaccine works for you — beautiful.  I have found what works for me and it is equally beautiful.

The Covid 19 era has torn America apart — the media, big pharmacy, Fauci, Trump, Biden, vaccines, narratives, agendas, science or political science……

I always keep it real for you.  Let this email be one small brick toward rebuilding the shattered foundation in our collective lives and in my life personally.   We can do better.  We can care for and do business with people in our community, even if we disagree about politics or medical topics.  If we fail to do that, we will perish as fools.