Little App To Make Windows 11 More Friendly

Happy snow day!   I am thinking of warm beverages.   Warm winter beverages.  OK, I’m thinking of Starbucks.  And I’m thinking of the Pumpkin Spice Latte or Supra Dupra Latte — large size of course.   They are about $6.  6 bucks!  But of course I won’t touch one of these beverages because I’m addicted to sugar and I only drink sugar free beverages.

I have a better deal for $6.  And for those of you who have been with me many years you are familiar with this program, a prior version of it (although it was $5 then — inflation is rampant I guess).  At some point we are all going to be stuck with Windows 11.  Let’s make it a blast.  You are going to get Windows 11 with a new computer.  You may update to it by mistake.  Or down the road you may just say why not.  ( I haven’t updated my Thinkpad to it yet but I probably will in the summer or fall.)   The start menu and taskbar are kind of jarring.   And from running a business based on serving “old people”  I know that change isn’t cool.

So I am going to seriously recommend Start11 once you get to Windows 11.  You may remember, I recommended Start 8 when you had Windows 8 and I recommended Start 10 when you got to Windows 10 (eventually the Windows 10 Start Menu grew on me and I accepted it but for the first few years I wanted the old familiar).   Start 11 is put out by Stardock Software –based in Michigan.  Again its $6 only.  And I think it can make Windows 11 a lot more friendly and usable.   Check it out  —

Watch the little video — see the pictures.  If you like it — Buy it — download and install it.  Windows 11 could be considered like a dance hall that isn’t fully painted yet and maybe some ceiling panels are missing.  You can still dance and party.  I think Start 11 can just make it a whole lot better. 

PS.  If you are looking for THIS kind of start menu in Windows 10 — Start 11 has replaced Start 10 and works on Windows 10 as well.