Windows 11–Not Yet

Windows 11 is out.  It’s gaining more attention.  There are even commercials.   First of all, you should know that roughly speaking  only computers that are model year 2018 and newer can be upgraded to Windows 11.  If you go (but don’t go) to the Windows Update section of your computers, you may see the option to download Windows 11.  I am not suggesting you do this now.  Bugs are still being worked out even though it has been released publicly.  Release first, fix later?  Maybe so.

Even if you never want to install Windows 11, you will still get security updates for Windows 10 until 2025 and this includes all of you that have a computer that is ineligible for Windows 11 to begin with. 

It’s my plan to continually reassess this Windows 11 situation and then begin to help clients migrate to it starting on July 1, 2022.  There’s no rush.  I will still try to find Windows 10 computers for clients when ordering new systems but will certainly set up a Windows 11 PC if one was purchased on a deal that just couldn’t be refused.