Postpone Trip To Mac OS Monterey

All of you that can be are on Mac OS 11 (aka “Big Sur).  That was the operating system that came out a year ago.  I told you to take it slow.  I helped to ease the possibility of error by not suggesting anyone install it until 3 to 6 months after release.  In fact I know many of you just  installed version 11 in the past month or 2.

Like clockwork — Mac OS Monterey has been released.  It is version 12.  IT JUST CAME OUT.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO INSTALL IT.   The only reason you should have Monterey is if you have a brand new Mac where it came from the factory.  To everyone else — hold off.  There is no reason to install Mac OS Monterey (12)  today.

Monterey is beautiful  — Pebble Beach can wait.