Macs Only– How Great M1 Macs Are | New Mac Book Pros


I just finished watching a great Dodgers / Braves game.  Sunday night football is still ticking on in overtime (Go Steelers!).  And I keep checking in on Invicta watch night on Shop HQ (don’t worry I haven’t purchased any watches yet). 

But what I really wanted to tell you is that Apple is having an event today and at this event I would 99.9 % guarantee that they are releasing new Mac Book Pro laptops with even more advanced M1 CPU chips than last year.  It will also mark the first time that the larger 16 inch Pro is released with an M1 chip.  If you recall, there were 13 inch Pros launched last year with these new “in house” processors. 

Nearly all of my clients that have purchased a Mac laptop this year have gone with the Mac Book Air M1 (13 inch).  Unless you are doing a lot of heavy duty work or putting the computer through a workout — I tell my clients to get the $999 Mac Book Air if they want 256 GB of storage or $1249 for 512 GB.   I generally tell my students (another name for my clients if you haven’t figured that out) to err for the larger hard drive.   These M1 powered circuit boards operate differently than past Macs.  In layman’s terms I have been told that the more space you have to move your data around (ie. larger hard drive) the longer your Mac will last.  Keep in mind that everything is soldered onto the board.  I cannot open it and do computer surgery for you.  When it dies, it’s dead.   The 3 year Apple Care warranty is probably a good idea. 

Starting today I expect there to be a 14 inch Mac Book Pro (replacing the 13) and then a completely refreshed 16 incher.   I’m certain that there will be a super clear distinction in pricing between the Pro and Air models.  It would not shock me at all if that 14 inch Pro starts at $1599 or $1799.  It will be well worth it.

To reiterate — for most Joe and Jane consumers (or Joe and Jane home business owners) that I deal with, I think the Mac Book Air is the appropriate laptop.  However if you want the BEST or really plan to put the laptop through its paces — I would gladly set up a new Mac Book Pro for you.

Whether you go Air or Pro in the laptops or get a beautiful M1 iMac or M1 Mac Mini — take heart with this quote from an article I just read on Mac Rumors….

” Intel has a lot of catching up to do if it aims to outclass Apple silicon, as benchmarks revealed that the MacBook Air with an M1 chip with a starting price of $999 outperforms a maxed-out Intel-based 16-inch MacBook Pro priced at $2,999.”

Folks, this is exactly why Apple moved away from Intel CPU’s and went with their own M1 processors.  It’s an exciting time to be a Mac owner.  (And no, I don’t think the Intel CEO is going to be able to get Apple to switch back).