Thoughts On Zoom Controversy

Over the past few days, I have read all the bad news about Zoom.  Between updates they put out from Thursday until today, they have corrected all of the issues.  It is alarming some of the flaws they had which are nicely detailed in this WSJ article

However, I also think that as the fresh new kid on the block — Zoom’s success irritated established players that would benefit even from a 10% to 20% downfall from Zoom — Microsoft (with Teams and Skype) and Cisco with Web Ex.   One of the interesting facts about all of this is that one of the lead engineers at the original Web Ex, prior to Cisco’s $3 billion purchase in 2007 was Eric Yuan.  He is the founder of Zoom.     Zoom’s goal was to make live conferencing easy, even without an account.  Unfortunately — when conference rooms were created without passwords (no longer the default as of 4/5/20) anyone could enter them and harass people.   However, a heckler could walk into an AA meeting or a meeting between students and professors in a lecture hall.  Zoom in some ways mimicked real life. 

Joining a Web Ex meeting is really not that much different than joining a Zoom meeting.  It often involves opening a link and an application launching.  The controls and options are laid out in different places.  New life is being breathed into Skype as they have a now have an account-less meeting option.   The online meeting / conference space will see shifts in preferences as companies respond to potential threats.  I hope Zoom can rebound from this.  However, there is no doubt that stumbling by one entity creates opportunities for others.