Remote Appointments Only Effective 3/23

Per the Governor’s recent order announced at the press conference today — I will be following the stay at home policy effective Monday 3/23 and therefore will be conducting all business REMOTELY as of that time.  I really appreciate all of your support of my small business this week.  From work at home clients, to setups for tele-medicine, to setting up new phone lines, cell phones, TV’s and routers — we have covered it all.   I will still make myself available for appointments at your location Saturday 3/21 and Sunday 3/22 — but let’s keep it online if we can.

When we do remote appointments, I will be more of the friendly teacher and directing you on what to do, but that is good because it will also help you know more about the inner workings of your devices.   Truth be told, I have been offering even complex consultations  — remotely — for years.  I have even set up entire computers with clients via remote technology.

Of course you know that I offer remote support via e-mail and text message (not the best — but it works sometimes if you are good at following static, steps based instruction),  phone (better), but where I think we can really shine is through the remote assistance screen sharing apps that I employ.   I am all set up for Quick Assist (Windows 10), Zoom and Skype (Windows or Mac) to help you in real-life-like appointments.

If there is a need for a product to get shipped to me for a little setup and then for me to mail it off to you — I will offer that service.   For the remote sessions, I bill for a 1/2 hour for anything up to 1/2 hour and then by the 1/2 hour rounded up after that.   If you really want to you can send a check, but what is easiest for both of us is just for you to pay with a credit card over the phone.  I have a credit card terminal on my computer — and can just process your payment as you read it to me. An e-mail receipt will follow.     I hope this “stay at home” policy will end soon, but for now, we are going with a safety first approach until the restrictions end.  PS.  If you are using a desktop computer only with no web cam or microphone — I can try to find one for you.  They are getting hard to find.