Hulu TV Price Increase

This is a message for my Hulu Live TV clients.

You are a special sub group of my clients that has eschewed traditional pay TV services and are true CORD CUTTERS.

Unfortunately, as more people subscribe to Live TV replacement services (like You Tube TV and Hulu Live TV) and the field shrinks (Sony VUE is going out of business) — pricing is going to go up.  It would not surprise me if Comcast and other cable providers and ATT (which owns DirecTV)  are doing some kind of back room manipulation to make channels charge more to You Tube TV and Hulu Live TV.

You Tube TV now charges $50 a month and they admitted that even at that price they are making about $1 a month per subscriber.  Google can bear this break even model because they are Google and I think they want to be a disruptive force.   As of Dec. 18th, Hulu Live TV is going up to $55 a month.  It is what it is.  Remember there are no long term contracts.

Keep in mind that your Hulu Live TV subscription also includes original shows produced by Hulu — like Handmaid’s Tale and tons of movies / TV shows ” on Demand”, basically their equivalent of Netflix.  So you are truly getting traditional Hulu + Live TV.  Be sure to check out all of that content you are entitled to.

Since there are no contracts — you could always switch to or check out You Tube TV. Or you may want to forgo the Live TV part all together and just subscribe to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV +, Hulu, or Disney +.   You may want one or a couple of those services.

However you want to stream — I will be there to help you.