3 Thoughts For You This Week

I have three things for you this week:  A little iPhone 11 commentary based on my experience thus far, an addendum to my briefing on updates from last week, and a Business Note which covers a service that you may not know I offer. 

iPhone 11 Commentary

The iPhone 11 has been working out well for me.  I was happy to get a very fair trade in offer from Apple on my iPhone 8.   One of the nice features of the 11 (and actually 2018 models and later) is that the phones support 2 numbers, on multiple carriers if needed, as long as your carrier is willing to play ball.   Based on my experience, I would only recommend buying the iPhone through Apple (online or in store) because most of the time, the phone is going to be unlocked.   I also chose Apple’s payment plan but you can do carrier interest free financing through Apple as well.

An Update On Updates

I mentioned that delaying the new macOS 10.15 is appropriate for some users who are running older Mac software (32 – bit apps).  In general, I believe its appropriate to wait a few weeks or months to install a new version of macOS.   If you are not tied to old apps, waiting until 15.1 arrives might be  good time.  With this said, 10.15 represents a serious improvement in Mac security.  The system files (targets that hackers love to attack) are placed in a hard to reach “enclave” that even the user will not be able to mess with.  Mac OS 10.15 represents Apple really locking things down.

Furthermore, another new version of Windows 10 will be coming shortly.  It will be known as Windows 10 1909 – November Update.   And maybe this will be a new trend from Microsoft.  This new version won’t require heavy lifting.   It will install like a normal Windows update.  It’s been said that your computer won’t even need to restart.  Perhaps — Microsoft is going to make the Spring release of Windows a big upgrade and the Fall one a tiny update.   I can live with that but it should still be just one new version per year.   You should all be on Windows 10 1903 by now — the version that came out earlier this year.  The best way to ensure you get all of the Windows updates and upgrades is to leave your computer plugged in and sleeping at night.  I’m hoping 1909 comes to you as disruptively as possible. 

Business Note

I don’t really talk about it a lot but I have helped clients block unwanted websites for years.  Sites blocked may include adult websites, games, or other time wasting websites.  Bad websites can be just as addictive as drugs or alcohol.  I am not here to shame you.  I am here to help.  It may be a personal issue — or it may be related to kids or visitors to your home.  I can institute blocks on both the network, computer, and mobile device levels (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android).   If necessary — reporting systems can be set up as well.  (Good tip for parents out there — it’s easier to set up apps that report on device activity with Android devices than iOS).  You don’t have to feel guilty or bad — you can just tell me — I want to block _____ kinds of websites.  I will come up with a practical solution for you.  And of course, I will regard what I do for you with the utmost in confidentiality.