Note to iOS Clients

As you may nor may not know — Apple released the latest new version of its mobile operating system iOS 13 on Thursday.  

However, don’t be in a big rush to manually seek out the update right now.   In fact, if you get prompted before 1 PM ET on 9/24 — delay the upgrade.

A revision to the new version iOS 13.1 will be available then.  Furthermore at that time the software on the iPad will be known as iPad OS

Bottom line:  It’s really good to keep your iPhones and iPads up to date — but why don’t don’t you go to Settings > General > Software Update — some time after 1 PM on 9/24 when you are back home on WiFi.   No need to be an early adopter before then if you can at all avoid it.   And as always make sure your devices are backed up to iCloud, the computer or both, before installing a major new version of iOS / iPad OS.