Fall Is The Season For Technology

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Fall Is The Season For Technology

Fall is high season for technology.  Major products relevant to the lives of everyday users of technology have just been or will be released soon. 

– Samsung just released its candidate for 2nd half of 2019 – iPhone Killer.   It’s called the Galaxy Note 10 — If you are thinking Android and want something of iPhone quality — it is an amazing phone.  https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/phones/galaxy-note/

-Microsoft just announced its big event for October 2.  It is widely expected that they will come out with a new Surface Pro tablet + keyboard and Surface Laptop.  I led a client on a well planned and deliberative shopping trip just before Christmas last year.  When given a live and in person chance to try out the Mac Book Air and the Surface Pro, she chose the Surface Pro. Based on a few key factors, it wasn’t even close.   If you’ve never looked at the Surface, take a peek at the current generation here  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/surface-pro-6/8zcnc665slq5?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

-Google will not be left out.  Since 2016, Google has released an annual iteration of premium phones in their Pixel line.  These phones aim for iPhone stature and naturally are priced like iPhones.  A lot of independent observers say that the Pixels truly have the best cameras.  Expect an October release.  And just remember, you don’t have to spend $800 to get a great phone.  A few months back, Google came out with a slightly less powerful and very reasonably priced Pixel 3a line of phones.  For a sub-$400 awesome phone, this is my pick.  https://store.google.com/product/pixel_3a  (Works with all major carriers)

….But Ladies and Gentlemen the event you have been waiting for….

-Last but not least, lets talk about Apple’s September Event.  The iPhone event is happening on September 10.  Pre-ordering is scheduled for September 13th, with deliveries beginning on the 20th.  As always, I will make my “upgrade service” available to you.  I will order the phone for you without any consulting charge (using your apple.com account or cellular account), if you have me come and set the phone up for you when it arrives.  This system has worked out well for years with my clients and I.  Whether I have to stay up late or wake up early, I will get that order in for you.  While rumors can be unreliable, possible model names may be — iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max.  It would not surprise me if pricing stayed at $749, $999, $1099.  Keep in mind again that most customers pay for their phones via the 24 interest free payment program through carrier financing or through Apple’s Upgrade Program. It is still possible to buy the phone outright.  iPhone 6 users — it is time for a few iPhone.  If you have another model that is getting old or slow or just want a new one —  I am ready, willing, and able to get you the phone you need.  

I appreciate your referrals  Be on the lookout for a mailing from me that is a “menu” of all the services I offer, including some that you may not be aware of.  Very share worthy!

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