Apple Card Customer Service

My first interaction couldn’t have been smoother.

There has been some chatter out there that Goldman Sachs / Apple Card has a provision (like most credit cards) that requires binding arbitration.  However, the customer has X amount of time to opt out of it with Apple Card.  I think I have been offered an opt out many times with other institutions and never done it.  There have been articles out there in the tech press over the past week urging people to opt out.  I gave it some thought.

I think arbitration could be good if someone is defending themselves against a lawsuit, but forcing it can be anti – consumer.    I’m not positive but I think there are limitations on people representing themselves in arbitration.  It is a private process outside the  openness of the justice system. 

Most of the the disputes individual consumers may have with a credit card are probably going to be an amount under the state limit for small claims court, ex.  the bank would not recognize a $1,000 dispute as fraud.   By opting out of binding arbitration, a customer can take that to small claims and represent themselves.      So — I decided to opt out.

I opened the Wallet app  on my iPhone.  I tapped on the Apple Card — I went to chat – Messages opens up.  I said what I wanted.  An Apple rep transferred me to a Goldman Sachs rep all within the same chat.  I was never asked for any personally identifying info.  To quote the one hit wonder Silento “They already know who it is.”   And it was done within 3 minutes.     A good first impression.