Windows 10 1809 Ready

New Version of Windows is Here

With all of the tech news and concerns of the fall, I didn’t spend a lot of time on the NEWEST VERSION OF WINDOWS 10.  Microsoft released its second, completely new version of Windows 10 for 2018 back in November.   The version # 1809 refers to the fact that it was finalized in the 9th month of 2018.  It did not come out right away because a small portion of Windows users had bugs with the new release.  The “kinks in the hose” have been worked out and Windows 10 – 1809 is ready to go.  I updated my 2015 era Dell laptop last night.  My computer didn’t skip a beat.  All is well. 

Those of you who could, per my past instructions,  likely have your Windows Update settings configured for a 3 month delay on “feature updates” (new versions of Windows). So, you should expect 1809 to be pushed out to your computer beginning in February.  You should simply let your computer go to sleep at night.  Keep it plugged into power.   Do not shut it down.  This strategy insures that you get all of the ordinary Windows security updates as well.    Make sure you have a backup system in place and it is working (I think I have set one up for most of you, but please ask).

With that said, about 4 GB of data will be thrown at your computer during this process.  In rare cases, these upgrades go south.  By letting me manage the installation for you, I will make sure that you have the necessary precautions in place and will update related software after the new version of Windows is installed.  With a typical customer, this process takes about 2 hours per computer. 

Consider A Faster Hard Drive for Your PC

Since the summer, I have helped many Windows clients replace the original SLOW hard drive in their computers with a fast solid state drive (SSD).  The performance is literally about 4 times or more faster.   On a 1 to 4 year old computer, I think this is a very wise move.  Windows is truly optimized for SSDs at this time.  Prices on SSDs have never been better — usually running from $65 to $100 for a typical customer based on current Amazon pricing.    I can easily upgrade your hard drive at the time I upgrade your Windows installation.  You will say — “wow this seems like a new computer.”