Printing a Copy of Last Pass Passwords

When stressing to my clients the need to use a password manager — I mention my 2 favorites  – 1Password and Last Pass.   I have been using both for years.  Overall, I think 1Password is better because it is an actual program on the computer, not only an “embedded app” in the browser (like Chrome or Firefox).

Having a printed copy of your passwords is very important. Unfortunately, 1Password for Windows does not let you easily print out a list of all passwords (while their Mac version does).   Therefore, for clients that are exclusively Windows users — I highly recommend Last Pass. 

If you have never printed a copy of your Last Pass passwords or its been a while — complete this short exercise today.

Open your browser

Click Last Pass button

Sign in if necessary

Click Last Pass button

Click More Options

Click Print

Click Sites

(Last Pass may ask you to sign in with your master password again)

Site data will decrypt and appear on screen

You can then print this page (or pages out) like any other web page

**Note: please repeat if you have stored secure notes in LP and want to print them out — instead of “Click Sites”, it would be “Click Notes”