Honesty Is Job 1

I learned a lot recently about customer service and through the car buying process. It provided a time of great reflection.  My experiences made me think about how I run my business. While I have never marketed honesty as one of my leading qualities, I am going to really put it out there going forward because my industry along with so many others are filled with thieves.  No one ever has to question what I charge.  It is posted publicly on my website westhartfordtechsupport.com/rates .  If it ever changes, I’ll let you know.  My rate for all new customers after 1/1/18 covers any portion of the first hour and billing by the half hour after that.  If I have to come and just plug something in or fix a quick item, I charge for one hour. If we cover 5 things in 60 minutes, I will charge for one hour.  (Clients that were part of the VIP family prior to 1/1/18, pay a slightly discounted rate for time beyond 1 hour).  For major jobs that might span 8 to 10 hours in a day or turn into multi-day or week-long jobs, I will give you a “job rate.”  I am not known for ordering products and reselling them. I do not want to get involved in the tax issue or the implied warranty. I regularly order products and new computers for customers, either through direct payment or reimbursement for actual cost of expenses. I provide services in setting them up. I will charge for time spent shopping and researching products. I am a service provider.  While I can’t steal this line because it has been trademarked, in addition to consumers, I am in business to serve small business and small non-profits.  Honesty is job #1 with me. You’ll always know where you stand.