Technology Update 10/12/18

I am not going to make this update overly complicated for you, but I want to deliver value in brevity.

Naming Your Files
Remember back 25 years ago? We could only give our files 8 character names. That was very limiting. Today we can be quite descriptive. Ultimately, please remember my two simple rules when naming your files. I think these really help when moving files between different types of media and with online backup services.
-Do not spaces in your file names or punctuation. You may use hyphens – or an underscore _ .
-While 8 characters may be too short, try to keep your file names to a reasonable length. 20 characters or less seems reasonable.
** Additionally, you may want to put dates in your file and folder names to help keep them organized. I have seen computers that change the timestamp of a file with no rhyme or reason. In these cases, the traditional sort by date will not work. Do not name the item "May292018_MyFile". It should be "20180529_MyFile".

Backup: Self Assessment
– (Some of you just use your computer as a dumb terminal to get on the internet and check e-mail in Chrome (or another browser). If so, this segment is not for you.")
-However, if you have files that you don’t want to lose — what is your backup system? Do you have multiple methods of backup? Can you name them?
-Are your e-mails backed up on a server somewhere?
-If you need help completing this quiz, please ask the professor.

I look forward to serving you.