10 Best Android Phones of All Time

With it being the 10th anniversary — how about the 10 best Android phones?


That OG Droid (meaning original Droid) from Verizon in 2009 was amazing and featured almost Apple like marketing. They went after the iPhone head on. It was so meaningful in the success of Android in the US. It was the fall of 2009 and Verizon didn’t get the iPhone until almost 18 months later. (It was an ATT exclusive for almost the first 4 years). Verizon customers were stuck on blackberries for the most point until that time.

I personally think the Nexus 5 should be on there also. It was sold by Google starting in late 2013. It worked on all major carriers and proved that inexpensive didn’t have to mean cheap. It sold for $349. The Nexus 6 sold by Google the following year was a dud, but the Nexus 5x (and larger cousin 6P) that went on sale in late 2015 were the beautiful "grand finale" for Google’s mid-ranged price, very competitive phones.

These days — Google competes directly with the iPhone for premium priced $700-1000 phones. They really need a winner with the Pixel 3 that is coming out in 2 weeks. Given that Apple is pricing the iPhone XR at $749 — I think its going to be really hard for a premium Android phone to sell for more than that unless there are actual features to justify the price.