Clean My Mac X – Oil Change For Your Mac

I just wanted to make you aware of this app and this offer. I often get asked by Mac clients, I meet with you every few months, but what should I be doing on a regular basis? Is there a simple, one button app that I can use to give an oil change to my system? Yes there is! It’s called Clean My Mac. They have just upgraded to the newest version Clean My Mac X. It not only cleans out your system and makes it a bit faster, but also scans for malware, and helps you keep your non-Apple apps up to date.

Some of you have been users for years. For you there is a lifetime upgrade special – $45. For those of you who aren’t Clean My Mac users, there is special promotional pricing: $28 for the year or $63 for a lifetime license. It’s easy to run and I recommend it that you do it once a month to keep your Mac running optimally.

Multi Mac household? They have a plan for you too. I am not saying all of my Mac clients MUST buy this, but if you like the idea of cleaning up your Mac simply and quickly once in a while I can think of no better app.

To upgrade or purchase….