Technology Update 8/8/18

Trusting in Technology
Have we given too much control of our lives over to companies like Google (You Tube), Apple, Facebook (Instagram), and Twitter? In my mind I try to rationalize the idea that Microsoft is a half-step better.  However, they own a major information distribution platform in Linked In.  Microsoft certainly has the power to shape how job seekers and those engaged in professional networking see the world.  We couldn’t have a conversation about the techno powers of the universe without talking about payment processors.  The most well known, PayPal, comes to mind.  Some I know and respect had a business relationship with PayPal dating back at least 5 years.  Revenues were approximately $500K per year.  Recently PayPal told him, we don’t agree with your values, so you can’t accept payments with PayPal anymore.  Is this where we are headed?  Will we let protests by internet mobs, with no due process, no right to confront accusations literally shut down the ability of individuals to earn a living?  However, I think what we have to remember is that the six companies mentioned above are private businesses.  They are not an open, democratized soap box like the public square.  They do have the right to de-prioritize or even ban accounts.  My point is, they should just say we are a private business and we say what goes.  Don’t claim to be something you are not.    Additionally, individuals and organizations should not base their business model off of someone else’s sandbox.  Having a website that you control is crucial.  Roadblocks will give rise to innovation and new platforms.
Still waiting for “consumer” Mac laptops…