Apple Finally Updates Mac Book Pro

I was planning to tell you about new iPhone sizes coming this fall and how the user experience will change.  I also wanted to tell you about other products coming out of Apple’s pipeline later this year.  This information will have to wait.

I have some bigger and better news!

Apple has released new Mac Book Pro laptops, in 13 and 15 inch sizes.  They are available today.  These laptops feature Intel’s latest 8th generation processors.  Most importantly, the new models have an improved, quieter keyboard.  Will it be the Mac Book keyboard from the 2006-15 glory days?  No, probably not.  However, it is the keyboard Mac Books will have going forward.  Apple has responded to the concerns of its ferociously loyal user base.

For those of you who have a 5 year old + Mac Book and have been waiting and heeded my warnings over the past few months, your new Mac Book Pro has arrived.  You have to be very careful when ordering.  (That’s why it might be a good idea to let me order for you.)

Most of my clients buy 13 inch Mac Books.   The base model 13 inch Pro HAS NOT been upgraded.  It is being left out like a child forced to sit in the corner.  You don’t want this one.  It is STILL the 2017 model with the completely flawed keyboard.  The 2018 Pro 13 models are known as Mac Book Pro “Touch Bar and Touch ID” models.   The pricing starts at $1799.  It comes with a 256 GB SSD hard drive.  That one would be fine for most of my clients.  If a larger hard drive or more memory (RAM) is desired, they can be added at the time of ordering.  (You will also want a couple USB C to USB dongle adapters ($10 to $20 each) to plug in devices like printers and hard drives to your Mac. All Mac Book Pros since 2016 have only USB C ports.  Your older plug in devices have USB A plugs.)

The only real question is, should you get the Apple Care Warranty?  These laptops have no upgradable parts.  The hard drive and RAM are baked into the logic board.  If something goes, it is a very expensive repair.  Apple’s warranty support is known for being the best in the business.  However, I realize that we are discussing adding $249 to a premium priced laptop.  I’ll leave the choice up to you.  Apple’s standard warranty runs for one year.  You do have a full year to decide whether or not to add Apple Care for year 2 and 3.

The Apple is sweet today!