Technology Encouragement

What I really wanted to do today is give you some technology encouragement.  I was asked what I do recently. Very simply, I said, “I help people improve their lives through technology.”  Even considering all of its flaws, technology makes our world a better place.  It allows us to see pictures of loved ones easily and promptly, even from far away.  It allows us to communicate using a medium that is convenient for us on flexible time schedules.  Computers and computer like devices cater to our physical limitations as well.  Technology has given us chance to expand our intellectual pursuits, serve others through community outreach, and pursue new careers.  We feel less alone, we learn, and we grow.   There is no need to fear trying new devices or services.   There is a process of trial and error.  If something doesn’t work, there is probably a new solution right around the corner.  The experience can and should be personal and customized to our needs.  If we get frustrated, we can always put down our device for a few hours or restart it.  Quirks work themselves out.  Through endurance new possibilities abound.