Technology Update 12/5/17

Go With a Laptop ? 

Clients often ask if their next computer should be a laptop.   If you like the idea of being portable, then YES, I think it would be a good idea.  If you think you may want a bigger screen at times, you can easily connect a monitor to your laptop.  To keep things on a budget, a 22 or 24 inch monitor from Best Buy or NewEgg will more than serve your purposes.  Those monitors run $150 or less.  It’s much less than buying a separate desktop and laptop. 

A Classic Mouse is Back

1995 is calling and they have brought a great mouse back.   Whether you are working on a desktop or laptop, a functional mouse is a key tool to have.   Microsoft has updated and re-released their IntelliMouse, now called the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse. It is the ideal WIRED mouse for Windows or Mac.   About $40.  Here is the Amazon link

Mac Security Scare

There was a major security scare in the Mac OS world last week.  Mac users with the latest operating system could have had operations executed on their systems, such as copying / erasing data or installing rogue software, with no password required at all.   Bad actors would have needed physical or remote access to your system to pull this off, but even with that, it means Apple was asleep at the wheel.   Apple pushed out a fix the next day and claimed the fix would automatically install.   Please make a regular habit of clicking on the Apple Menu (top left of screen), clicking on App Store, and then checking for updates. Install all available updates.   Do this right now if you haven’t lately and then check periodically.   Your Mac should install these updates automatically, but I know some of you turn your systems off or delay the updates.  

iOS 11.2

Apple pushed out the latest minor update to their iOS over the weekend.  With it came the roll out of a major new feature — Apple Pay Cash.  Once it is set up, which seems like it could take 15 minutes, iPhone users will be able to send and receive payments to each other through an iMessage (iPhone text message for those of you not up on the lingo).  Watch out Pay Pal?  Maybe so.