To 4K or Not to 4K

As I walked through Best Buy several times this past weekend, I saw that 4K televisions were the hottest item.  People were scooping up 43 inch models on Friday for less than $300.  These were not the highest quality units available, but that wasn’t stopping anyone.

Fact:  4K is our TV future.  The best models are going to have 4K and a feature known as HDR (high dynamic range).
Should you buy one and can you really benefit now?

1.  A 4K TV will allow you to future proof.
2. However, you may not see any benefit in the present.  There is currently no cable TV (ie. Comcast) transmitted in 4K.  Comcast is rolling out limited trials of cable boxes that will support HDR and eventually 4K programming.
3.  To get meaningful use of 4K today, you need to be a user of streaming video services.  This could be Amazon video, Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV content.  Some TVs are smart meaning they can play this content already, but many of my clients prefer to use an Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire — which are boxes or little sticks that plug into the TV.   You need to be a streamer to get 4k content.
4.  Finally, you need to have a powerful internet connection.  Most cable connections will suffice.  Fiber optic connections from the phone company may also work.  Basically, you need an internet speed of 25 mbps or higher.  You also need a modern router, capable of transmitting data using the latest protocols.
To 4K or not 4K, that is the question.