My iPhone X Notes

I had the opportunity to have some hands on time with the iPhone X.  That experience helped me to overcome my objections to the phone.   Yes, there is no home button.  The home button has been a standard feature on every iPhone since the original back in 2007.   Swiping up from the bottom replaces the functionality of the home button.   The phone gets unlocked by securely scanning your face or typing in a passcode (4 or 6 digits).  I don’t have a major issue with that.  In addition, I have no qualms with the size.  I thought  a 5.8 inch (diagonal) iPhone would be “too big.”  It does not seem that way.   The iPhone X is actually smaller in size than the 5.5 inch iPhone 8 Plus because the 8 Plus has a bezel on the top and bottom.   Both the 8 Plus and the X have OUTSTANDING cameras.  In contrast, the 4.7 inch iPhone 8 sports only minor upgrades from last years iPhone 7.   So the real question is — is the X worth $1000 (which you will likely pay in the form of interest free payments on your cell phone bill)?  Remember, the 8 Plus is going to be $800.  I am going to give you an analogy that I think you can relate to.   You may really like the $50,000 Cadillac.  It may have all of the gadgets, interior comfort, and safety features that the $65,000 Lexus has.   However, you may appreciate the curves on the Lexus more.  It hits your eye in the way that those legacy Cadillac tail lights never could.  You may want the Lexus or not.   That is the difference between the 8 Plus and the X.  On the inside, they are both the best phones that Apple has to offer.  It’s your choice not mine.


An iPhone SE User