Important Info on Windows 10 1709

The era of Windows 10 version 1709 is upon us.  Microsoft released this new version of Windows 10 on Tuesday of this week and it will be pushed out to eligible computers in the weeks and months ahead.   As a reminder, I am available to do the installation for you.  While I don’t expect anything to go wrong with your computer when this new version of Windows is installed, you may feel more comfortable with a professional approach.  I am already starting to book upgrade appointments.

Windows 10 version 1709 will include the usual security and stability improvements that are found in a new version of Windows.  You will also benefit from what I will call the continuity angle.  At some point, this version of Windows 10 or later will be required to receive future upgrades from Microsoft.    This is the second major upgrade to Windows 10 released this year.  While it would be nice if Microsoft cut the major upgrades down to 1 per year or less, I think we are going to see 1 or 2 per year for the foreseeable future. 

What is better that I can see and touch?

There is one program, applicable to typical consumer use, that received a major upgrade in this new version of Windows.  It is the Photos app.  Photos is now the default Windows 10 program for managing your photo collection.  Some of you may still have the Windows 7 era Photo Gallery on your systems.  While we are so familiar with it, we should start to learn Photos because will will not be able to install Photo Gallery in the future.    I will try to find a guide for Photos to share with you soon.     If Photos is not on your desktop or pinned to your Start Menu, you can find it in Start Menu >> All Programs >> Apps (folder).    In the latest iteration of Photos, you can group photos together in a “story” that can be easily shared with and played by others. 

For a brief overview of the enhancements to Photos in the new Windows 10 read here

Finally,   if you are going to deal with this new version of Windows on your own when it gets pushed out to your computer,  you will be asked to re-authorize Classic Shell as your Start Menu.   Please agree to the prompt.   I have installed Classic Shell on virtually ALL of your computers.  It gives you a Windows 7 style start menu in Windows 10.  It was provided to you by the developer free of charge, but if you like it please donating $5 or $10 per year to the developer at  I do.  The default Windows 10 Start Menu is not my cup of tea.  Most of you feel the same way.  That’s why Classic Shell is so popular.

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  1. Anonymuos

    Classic Shell is a must-have and an amazing tool at bringing back not only familiar but also sensible layout for accessing everything quickly.