Windows 10 Upgrade Coming Soon and Laptop Beauty

I have two updates for you today.

1)  The fourth major upgrade to Windows 10 will begin rolling out to computers worldwide on October 17th.   This version is known as Windows 10 1709 (meaning it was finalized in the 9th month of 2017, hence the 1709).   To jog your memory a bit, we’ve been through the original Windows 10 version 1507, version 1511, version 1607, and 1703.  You should all have that latest version (1703) by now.  

The question you probably are wondering is, do I need professional help installing it?  Most of you should probably wait and just let it install on your PC when the upgrade gets pushed out by Microsoft.  I don’t think it is a must that you make an appointment with your favorite technology consultant.   However, on the other side of the coin, you have to understand that a lot of data will be getting pushed to your computer at one time (gigabytes of data) and there is a potential for errors to occur.   You are welcome to make an appointment for a professional Windows 10 upgrade with me in the second half of this month or early next month.    I will make sure that you A) have a proper backup of your computer and B) get a Windows 10 1709 install disk on a USB thumb drive (in case Windows 10 needs to be reinstalled in the future).

If you are going to go it alone on this upgrade, please make sure that you let your PC go to sleep every night.  Do not Shut Down unless you are going away for several days.   Letting your Windows 10 computer go to sleep will ensure that automatic updates are pushed out.  You may automatically receive version 1709 in late October, sometime in November, or at a later date.  It’s up to Microsoft to decide the schedule. 

2)  Now onto the “Laptop Beauty” portion of this update.  This year marks the 25th anniversary of the IBM ThinkPad laptop.  This was the the laptop that became the benchmark that all portables were measured by.  Lenovo, which bought IBM’s personal computer division over a decade ago, carries on the ThinkPpad legacy to this day.  ThinkPads are among my top choices when recommending laptops to clients.    To commemorate the anniversary, Lenovo has released a 25th Anniversary ThinkPad.    This laptop is fully decked out, comes with a 3 year warranty, and sports a “classic” ThinkPad keyboard that has not been seen on current models since 2011.   This laptop is priced at $1899 and is intended for customers who are willing to pay MacBook Pro $$ but want a Windows based system.   Even if you don’t think you will be a buyer, have a look at this beautiful computer.