Technology Update–Sept 21 2017

This week I want to be a good librarian and give you some appropriate reading materials for topics that could interest you.  If other sources can provide a quality explanation, I don’t need to duplicate the effort.  #3 is a serious security related message for Windows users.

1.  New iPhones:   Apple announced three new iPhones last week.  Two are going on sale this week — the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.   They are evolutionary upgrades to and not a radical departure from last year’s 7 and 7 Plus.   Then there is the iPhone X.  It is the largest in size and price.  It will also function differently than all previous iPhones you have ever known.  There is no home button.  You will need to utilize swiping gestures to mimic the functionality of the home button. The iPhone X (“iPhone Ten”) will go on sale in early November.  I am giving it a thumbs down right now because the recommended method of unlocking the phone uses facial imaging.  It seems spooky to me. I am open to reconsidering my position in the future.  Here are some write ups for your reading pleasure.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone X

2.  iOS 11

Like clockwork, Apple has upgraded its mobile operating system. iOS 11 is here!!  For all recent iPhones (dating back to the 2013 iPhone 5s) and iPads (dating back to the 2013 iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air), you have some new software to download and install.   Make sure your iOS device is plugged into its charger.   Give yourself about a half hour, give or take, depending on your home internet connection.   Go to Settings >> General >> and Software Update.   Follow the prompts.   To learn about the new features in iOS 11,  I have chosen these sources for you.

3.  Finally, in a sobering but hopeful note, I must report that a Windows utility that I love and have recommended was compromised.   I have told you that running the program CCleaner is like performing an oil change on your computer.  It can help improve performance and eliminate the crud that builds up over time.  Like many programs, updates are put out regularly.  Fortunately, most of you have not installed new versions of CCleaner for a while. I may have been the last one to put CCleaner on your computer.   FYI, I have always used the free version which requires manual scanning and updating.   The fact that you are probably out of date on CCleaner is a good thing.  A new version was released in mid-August that included harmful software.  Users who ran THAT version of CCleaner could have done security damage to their Windows installations.   There is a good chance that you are OK, but if you have CCleaner on your computer I need you to do something now.   Version 5.35 was just released and it fixes the security breach.  If you have ever run CCleaner or seen me run it on your Windows computer,  you need to install the latest version now to ensure you are safe.   You do not have to run the cleaning tools after the install.  That may be something that I do for you at our next appointment.  You just need to download and install the latest version of this program.  Safety first!!   Please check your Start Menu >> All Programs if you are not sure about CCleaner being installed on your system.

The FREE version is the one that you want and can be obtained using this link.