New iPhones Are Coming and Vintage Macs

New iPhones are coming!  New iPhones are coming!   I would expect an announcement within 2 to 3 weeks and for the phones to be available by October 1 or earlier.   You should expect

– An iPhone “7s” — an upgrade to last year’s 4.7 inch model

– An iPhone “7s Plus” — an upgrade to last year’s 5.5 inch model

– A Super Special 10th Anniversary iPhone — larger in size and with special features

The rumor mill is calling the 3rd iPhone the “iPhone 8.”  Samsung is now taking pre-orders for its Galaxy Note 8, priced at $960 (or $40 / mo on payment plans). I would expect the 10th Anniversary iPhone to be priced in that ballpark.

If it’s been about two years since you purchased your iPhone or you are on a yearly upgrade plan, you should strongly consider one of the new models.  While I suspect the 10th Anniversary model will sell well, I think most buyers will be very satisfied with the 7s or 7s Plus variants.   Not everyone wants a nearly 6 inch phone in their pocket.  I don’t.

For Sale

A dear client asked me to see if I could sell some vintage Macs for her.   Wikipedia write ups have been provided for you.

One is a Color Macintosh Classic that was first released in 1993.

The other one is a green iMac with a 1999-2000 birth date.

I have not confirmed their usability yet, but, I think they would make a nice addition to a desk that needs a piece of computer history on it.  I think they would be fine technological ornaments in the right setting.   Please let me know if you are interested.  I will get back to you with more details and arrange to get them to you should you be interested.    Please see the attached pictures.