The End of the iPod Era

Apple announced last week that they are pulling the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle from their online and physical store shelves.  This marks the end of an era for Apple.  The 2001 launch of the original iPod was a major milestone in the Steve Jobs’ led rebirth of the company. They were no longer the Mac company. This product release eventually led them down the path of targeting the Windows audience with iTunes, and the  iPhone and iPad.  Truthfully, it is the sale of mobile devices that fuels this company.  At this time, on your iPhone, you have iPod features in the Music app.  Should you want to buy songs, you can go to the iTunes Store app.    Apple is still leaving a single iPod model, the iPod Touch, in their online store.    For those of you who are not aware, the Touch is like an iPhone but without the calling features.  It can access WiFi and the App Store.  It’s great for kids or as a special purpose device. 

I remember when I got my first iPod. I think it was Christmas of 2006.  I grew up loving radio as a youngster.  I have fond memories of listening to Talk Net programs like Bruce Williams at night.  Bruce was still on the air then and I was thrilled to be able to download his podcast, through iTunes, onto my iPod.   I soon found other shows that had once been broadcast locally, like the Troubleshooter Show from Denver, and put them on my iPod as well.  I began walking often while listening to these podcasts.  At times, when I have been an Android user, I have listened to my podcasts there.  Today, I listen to them on an iPhone app called Downcast (which in my opinion is so much better than Apple’s Podcasts app).   Most of the media I consume comes in the form of these radio broadcasts (some traditional shows, some online only) that are downloaded to my phone.  It all started with an iPod and that is a memory I will cherish.