Captain Greg–The Hawker–20 Years

Once in a while I do these memory lane updates rather than review a product / service or give a tip. I hope you’ll enjoy this walk with me.

It was just about 20 years ago today that I put one foot down the path as  your favorite, local I.T. specialist.  So how did this happen?

I had a family friend known as Captain Greg.   Greg was a professional charter pilot.  He worked for a charter flight company out of one of our Connecticut airports.  Over the years he flew Saudi princes,  Jim and Tammy Bakker, and even Kitty Dukakis.   However, the Captain was sick of getting calls at his home at 2 AM and being told that he needs to fly a couple hours later.  Twenty years ago, Greg made a pitch to two business owners in southern Connecticut.  These individuals were known for regularly using charter flights.  Greg proposed creating a new company that would manage a 6 passenger jet, provide for their charter flight needs, and also create additional billable hours for other users.   A jet was purchased and the Hawker Group was born. 

Greg needed someone to handle all of  his I.T. work as well as office admin duties.  For 3 years, I was his computer guy and took care of the accounts receivable using Quick Books.   Invoices had to be coded with lingo like BDR-ACY-BDR.   If you know airport codes, you’ll know where that flight was headed to and from.   In the early years, I built computers and websites.   For about 2 years, I had a contract to manage the Internet sales for a family owned electrical supply and light bulb store. I remember being given an office at this company at age 20 and thinking WOW.   (It didn’t go over too well with the rank and file employees. LOL.)

Like anyone who is still in business after 20 years, I have lived, learned, crashed and burned a bit.   I’ve learned that you need to accept a lot of responsibility if you want to build computers for clients on a regular basis.  While I still like to build desktops, especially the small Intel NUCs, this is not something I focus on or even advertise.  I also learned that I am not good at tasks where my primary responsibility is sales. 

These days, I seek to create transformations through technology.  I want to be the best provider of hardware support, software support, and technology training services to end users (that means you) in the residential, small business, and non-profit  segments of the market.    Whether I’ve known you for 17 years, in the case of my most established customer, or I just met you this year — thank you for making my success possible.   I am so thankful for Greg’s inspiration to take the risk to be an entrepreneur.  It has been a rewarding journey.