Bargain phones, tablets, and laptops

We all seek good deals on electronics purchases, so I wanted to bring you what I think are some solid values in their respective categories.  In this e-mail, I am going to steer away from a Mac that might be $200 off at Best Buy this week or a Dell computer that is on sale.  I want to point you toward solid values that will still be a good deal next week and the week after that.  Links for all products are provided. 


In honor of the Warriors, this is a slam dunk choice.  Apple was feeling the pressure from the popularity of Chromebooks in the “cheap portable computer” arena.  They came out with a new 9.7 inch (original size) iPad in March.  Instead of being priced at $499, as it was priced previously, the iPad now sells for $329 in the base configuration.  The iPad (2017) is not part of the revamped Pro line, but I think its fine for consumer use.  Link


In the Android space or for those of you who are just looking for a good sized bargain smartphone, there is no comparison to the Moto G5 Plus.  This 2017 model is a welcome upgrade to last year’s successful G4 model.  In the $200 range, there is no equal.   You can get it directly from Motorola for $229.  I have also seen it at Costco for $219.    This phone works on all major carriers including Verizon. 

There actually is a bargain iPhone, as long as you don’t mind the smaller 4 inch screen.  Apple made a smart decision last year.  They saw that customers were not giving up their 2013-era iPhone 5s phones as they may have thought.  So, Apple came out with the iPhone SE.  It has the same pocket-friendly size and 2016 specs.  They priced it at $400.  Apple still sells the iPhone SE and it has been slightly tweaked for this year.   The 16 GB model has been retired and the 32 GB model is now priced at $400.   It may not be for everyone because of its size, but it sure fits in a shirt pocket nicely.  It’s a bargain compared to the 7 and the 7 Plus which are priced at $650 +. 


While there are certainly value priced Windows laptops out there, some of my clients would say that no Windows laptop is any deal they would look it.  However, I would also be hard pressed to say that $100 off a Mac Book is a bargain.   So, I will step outside the realm of Mac or Windows here and talk about Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS.  They are purchased by the dozen in K-12 schools.  They don’t get infected and can be reset  in 5 minutes if they ever get infected.  For most of you, a Chromebook will not be a primary computer.   They are a great computer for the couch or your favorite chair, perfect for travel, and supremely safe for online shopping or banking.  If you have a Google account and you are familiar with the Chrome browser, a Chromebook is a computer you should look at. 

These 3  models are all under $300.

11 inch Acer flip model  — 4 GB, 32 GB hard drive —

14 inch – “full size”  Acer model — 4 GB, 32 GB hard drive —

11 inch Lenovo N23 — 4 GB, 16 GB hard drive —