Classic Shell Start Menu–Windows 10

For nearly all clients, I installed the Classic Shell start menu on your Windows 10 computers.

Classic Shell is a free program (donations accepted) that turns the “different” looking Windows 10 start menu into the Windows 7 start menu that you know and love.

The major update to Windows 10 – version 1703 – that began rolling out last month is finally starting to hit my clients’ computers through the automatic update process.  I went ahead and manually installed in on Friday night so I can be on the same page with you.   You should be getting it within days or weeks.   Just let your computer go to sleep at night.  There is no need to shut down.  

Anyway, when version 1703 finishes installing, you are asked to re-authorize the Classic Shell start menu.  You want to click YES on this.  You want to accept the modifications to your system that Classic Shell provides.