Saving money with companies like Comcast

I decided that I am really going to give away the keys to the storehouse today, especially since most of my customers are Comcast subscribers.

First of all, you need to have multiple services with them. If you are a TV only customer, they do not really have an incentive to help you.

Second, you need to call 1-800 Customer Service and ask for the retention department.  You can get to the retention by saying that you want to cancel your service.  (In some cases, saying “retention” also gets you to this magic department.)

Third, be prepared to talk shop.   Don’t go on an open ended rant against the company.  Constructively share that you are upset with your current price and that you know that new customers are getting a better price (quote the price).   You could also mention pricing from competitors.

Fourth, understand that you may be penalized for decreasing service.  If you are on Comcast’s Premier TV tier with the HBO, Showtime and Cinemax and then try to change to the Starter package with channels like CNN, Fox News, ESPN, local sports channels, etc — they might not be willing to make you a deal.  It’s ok.  Take the bare bones savings that you can get now and follow the fifth step.  

Fifth, while Comcast’s retention department is generally chock full of well trained people, you may get a bad apple.  Be prepared to call back.  Also be prepared to call back days or a few weeks later if you have decreased your level of service and then want to claim special pricing at that new bundle.

Sixth, demand that you get your offer in writing (by e-mail) and that you get 30 days to change your mind.   In the past three years, I have never had them not give these benefits to me.

Seventh, be prepared to accept some kind of contract term for your discount.  Accept a one year or a two year agreement only.  Two years would be great if you can get it.  What you don’t want is a two year with only one year of guaranteed pricing.   Back to the 5th step:   If you are unhappy with the deal you get, do not be afraid to call back.

Note:  I am very well versed with Comcast’s retention department.   Competitors like Cox and Time Warner (Frontier too) should also be willing to “play ball” to retain a good customer.   Please let me know how your dealings with them went.  Major cell phone providers, on monthly billed accounts, Also have retention departments.  See what they can do for you.