Windows 10 version 1703

Before I discuss where we are, I would like I would like to recap where we have been with Windows 10

– July 2015:  Windows 10 launches with version 1507.  

– November 2015:  A major upgrade to Windows 10 is released — version 1511.

– August 2015:  The second major upgrade to Windows 10 is released — version 1607.  

Each of those major upgrades were literally a new version of Windows although they were still called Windows 10.  They were massive chunks of data that replaced the replaced the previous version of Windows.  In between the major upgrades and since last August, there have been monthly patches put out by Microsoft that fix stability and security issues.  You have all been getting the patches automatically.  

Today, April 11th, the next major installment of Windows 10 begins rolling out.  It is known as version 1703 (meaning it was finalized in the 3rd month of 2017).  I AM NOT recommending this as something you must proactively install in the near future.  I don’t think it is necessary to call your tech support provider and get this done immediately.   The upgrade will be pushed out by Microsoft to your computer.  When that happens, it will likely be installed via a process that just happens without interrupting your workflow too much.   Let your computer go to sleep when you are not using it.   Don’t completely shut down.  The upgrade will reach you.     

I do not think there is a compelling reason to rush into installing Windows 10 version 1703.  I don’t see that there are compelling security or feature reasons that my clients need to focus on immediately.  Granted, you will need this version of Windows so that future upgrades, like the next one being rolled out by the end of the year, can be installed on your computer.   My general advice is for you to just let your computer go to sleep and allow this upgrade to hit your computer when it does. You will likely receive it over the next couple of weeks. However, it could possibly take as long as two months to reach your computer.  If you are curious about the most important features in Windows 10 version 1703 (also known as the Creator’s Update) please check out this article by The Guardian.