iOS and Mac Client Update

I want to give you a few updates that are noteworthy.

1.  iOS 10.3 was released this week.  If you haven’t been notified to download it already, you will be soon.  You can always perform the update manually by going to Settings >> General >> Software Update.   Please be plugged into a power source.   Although this is just a “point” update and not a new version of iOS, it is meaningful for a key reason in my opinion.  Post update, you will see a new section at the top of Settings.   There you will be able to find all information about iCloud, your Apple ID, iTunes account and App Store credentials.  You no longer have to look through Settings to find all of this at different spots.

2.  While Apple is not known for offering value based products, they have given us some carrots over the past year.   Do you remember the iPhone SE that released last year?   To refresh your memory, it has the same 4 inch size as the iPhone 5s with modern innards.   Apple sold millions upon millions of them.  The price was quite reasonable by iPhone standards — $400.   (The 7 and  7 Plus start at $650 and $750 respectively).  The SE is still selling well.   Apple has just refreshed the iPad line and is now offering a 9.7 inch iPad for $329.   This is a direct replacement for the Air 2.  The 9.7 inch model is what I call the traditional size iPad.    Apple is still selling the iPad Mini 4 (a 7.9 inch device) that hasn’t been updated since 2015.  They also offer a Pro line of iPads in 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch sizes.  These models start at $599 and $799.  However, for someone who just wants an iPad that is good for reading, media consumption and basic productivity tasks, I think this new iPad (2017) at $329 is a very appealing choice.   You can buy a keyboard for it to use it as a “laptop-lite”.

If you are still using an original iPad (gasp) or iPad 2, models that date back to 2010 and 2011, you should seriously consider this new iPad.  IOS devices that can’t support iOS 10 are unsafe to use.

3.  The Mac OS was updated to 10.12.4 this week.  It was a fairly minor update.  You can check to download it by going to the Mac App Store and and looking for available updates.     Apple Menu (top left) >> App Store.    For many, these minor updates are installed automatically.

4.  Please Apple — when will you release some new Mac desktops?