Yet Another Yahoo Data Breach

It’s time to move on….

With an unhappy look on my face, I am troubled to report that Yahoo is now reporting a third major data breach.  As you recall two major data breaches were reported last year.  These occurred back in 2013 and 14.    The latest report, provided below from CBS News and the AP, is a separate more recent breach. 1 billion accounts were potentially affected in the 2013 and 14 hacks.   Yahoo is not saying how many were harmed by the new intrusion.

Yahoo is bailing water out of their sinking ship.  They are desperate for Verizon to purchase them so they can pay the $4 billion they promised.  It’s hard to imagine that Microsoft was willing to pay over $40 billion for Yahoo just a few years ago.     I hope you have a 2nd e-mail account and have already begin using it more and more.   You should be migrating to that “better place” in the land of e-mail.  As the interviewee mentions in the article, a Yahoo account is good for spam e-mails and shopping messages.   You may even want to abandon ship completely.   You can do this abruptly or gradually.

Recommended replacements are

-Gmail, at a bare minimum

– G Suite from Google,  a professional version of Gmail that costs about $50 per year

– Fast Mail, a premium e-mail service, with customer support, that runs $20 to $40 per year