Mac and iOS: Sharing albums via iCloud

Many of you are using iCloud to back up your photos. I am not saying that it’s the best option or the worst option. It is a viable option and for those of you who don’t want to get very technical, it may be the go to option.

However, let’s say you want to then share an album of photos with others. You could probably attach 3 to 5 high quality pictures (TOPS) to an e-mail. It’s likely inconvenient to attach pictures to 3 or more successive e-mails. I know you want to do it all in one shot.

Apple’s brief tutorial here tells you how to get it done. You can initiate the shared album from your iOS device or your Mac. Save this website. You may even want to print it out.

Depending on your needs, sharing albums via other services like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Photos, Amazon Photos or other services may be also be valid possibilities.