Creating filters to organize e-mail

I saw this really handy feature on a client’s e-mail system recently called “Clutter”.   What Clutter aims to do is sort out mail that isn’t quite spam, but isn’t mail that you want clogging up your Inbox either.   It puts those messages in an appropriately named folder called Clutter.  Unfortunately, this is only available to people who get their e-mail account from a large organization or business.

There has to be something like this for the rest of us.   Yes, there is.  

I have talked to other clients who get the political e-mails after a one time donation, or get the emails from Macy’s every single day.  Bed Bath and Beyond tried to target me every single day after I claimed a 20% off coupon in the store.  You may want to read this information and you certainly don’t think it is spam, but you don’t want to get bothered with it all the time.   There is an answer. 

What you need to do is create an e-mail folder (referred to as a “label” in Gmail) and then a filter to push these messages into the appropriate folder.   You may want to call the folder Advertising.  In my personal e-mail account I call the folder “Bulk” (as in bulk mail).     If you receive a lot of mail on a daily basis, there is one word that in all of these messages that come in as mass mailings.   That word is “Unsubscribe”.     So what you will want to do to de-prioritize these messages is create a filter for all e-mails that contain the word “Unsubscribe”.  Those e-mails will then be moved into the folder you created.   Once activated,  your busy inbox will be  A LOT cleaner.  Then you can simply look at and clean up every so often outside of the Inbox every so often.      Whether it be a personal or business account the most common e-mail provider among my clients is Google.   I can’t provide the instructions here for every type of e-mail account, but I will for Google / Google Apps for Business (now known as G Suite) accounts.    You need to do this from and not Microsoft Outlook.  However, the filter rules will then apply wherever you check your messages (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android).   

Creating, edit and delete  labels (folders) in Gmail

Creating filter rules in Gmail

Broadly speaking, the concept is very similar with Comcast, Yahoo and other accounts.  You need to create a folder (or folders) and then create filter rules to route messages to those folders.   You may be able to get support from Comcast in doing this by phone for your Comcast account.