When People Share Too Much Online

Social Media Profiles

I thought I would touch on this subject because what we share (or have shared with us) has become an issue that we all have to deal with.   At times there are people who post a little more than they should online even though they had the best of intentions.  My thoughts go back to a local bank executive who posted information about his employer on his social media page.  He posted his city of residence.   It was then very easy for criminals to kidnap him, rob the bank, and joyride around the area, heading south.  Some of you may remember the story.

So a question comes to mind. Do you really need to post your employer on your Facebook profile?  Do you need to post your city of residence or hometown?  Do you need to post your birth date including the year?     Unless there is some kind of business involved or company initiative, I think a lot of those details are totally unnecessary.   Most profile data should be set to be shared with “Only Me”, “Friends”, or “Friends of Friends.”  There is no reason this data should be set to “Public” unless you are using your Profile for some kind of marketing effort.

Over Sharing of Photos 

I have had at least a few clients share the trouble they are having with too many photos being shared with them on their iPhones and iPads.  Apple’s iCloud service allows for convenient photo sharing.  However, what if cousin Bobby shares his Cancun album with you?  You could care less.  I know how you feel.  Some of my clients are being inundated with dozens upon dozens of photos.  Someone under 30 likely doesn’t mind the over sharing, but I want to help you solve this problem.    I don’t think its really polite to ask someone to stop sharing with you.  You know that person better than I do, but it would be my inclination to avoid going that route   Another option would be to just live with the sharing but not look at those shared photos.

However, there is a third option.  Turn off iCloud Photo Sharing all together.   Here is how you do it on your iPhone or iPad.

– Go to the Settings App

– Scroll down to Photos & Camera

– Turn off iCloud Photo Sharing (should not be green)

Google Yourself 

Here is an interesting or possibly frightening thought.   Google your name with your city and state.   Take note of anything unusual or incorrect that comes up.  Perhaps you have a little fall cleaning to do.