Yahoo Mail and password security

So let’s move on to a question from the customer mail bag.   

I was recently asked —  is it SAFE to receive mail from someone using Yahoo Mail?

As much as I would encourage everyone to rely less on Yahoo Mail and switch to other providers, I think there will always be those who use Yahoo.  It’s a fact of digital life.  However, I don’t think you should treat mail received from a Yahoo account any differently.   If you are not expecting an attachment from someone, don’t open it.   If you receive a bizarre message stating “Help I am stuck in London and my wallet has been stolen,” it should be treated with the same suspicion as always.  That would apply if it comes from Yahoo or another service.    Hopefully, your family member or friend using Yahoo has changed their password.  Be on your guard, but I can’t make a blanket statement advising anyone to refuse Yahoo Mail sent to them.

Side note:  For all of you with a SNET, SBCGLOBAL or ATT e-mail address, changes to those accounts (including password changes), are made using the website.   A client also asked me about this recently.  She said, we have Frontier now in Connecticut.   That is true.  However, Frontier has no responsibility for your old e-mail address.  Your address remains part of the agreement that ATT (and its predecessor companies) had with Yahoo.   Should you want a new Frontier e-mail address, they will offer you one.  

Password Security

While the customers that I have set up with a password manager clearly see the advantages, I know that not all of you are at that stage yet.  I just want to give you something simple and easy today. is a free non-profit site dedicated to mathematics.  They also offer a printable list of random passwords that you can use any time you need to generate secure passwords.  There is nothing to save.  You just input how many passwords you want (ie. a list of 10) and how long you want the passwords to be (I suggest 12 characters minimum).  A list is generated and you hit print.  Here is the link.  You can go back to the site time and time again after you use up your list of passwords.  No two lists of passwords are identical.