Let the computer sleep

At times a client will tell me, I love your updates but some of them are way over my head.  Here is one that is coming in for an easy landing on your desk.

Main point:  Let the computer sleep!

If you are going to come back an use the computer a few hours later or even the next morning.  There really isn’t a need to shut it all the way down.  The sleep mode on modern computers cuts off about 95% of the power but will still allow important updates to install.  You won’t have to wait as long to start the computer up when you wake it up from sleep.  Unless you know you won’t be using your computer for a few days, you can just let it go to sleep naturally / automatically.   No interaction should be required.   This applies to Windows and the Mac OS.

However, I know that some of you want to interact with your computer and put it to sleep.  OK, here is what you do.

Mac OS:  Click on the Apple menu at the top left of the screen and click Sleep.

Windows:  Click on the Start Menu.  Click the triangle > to the right of the word Shut Down.  Click Sleep.