World of I.T. Update

Windows — Microsoft released its second major update for Windows 10 in early August, known as Windows 10 version 1607.  Some of my clients have received the update already.  I have helped others get the update installed.   Microsoft claims that they are gradually rolling out the update to all Windows 10 systems.  It is expected that all updates will be pushed to by early November.   I had one client who had the Windows 10, 1511 (Nov. 2015) update installed but the computer rejected version 1607.   I expect those situations to be few and far between.

Mac — Apple released Mac OS 10.12 just a few days ago.  It marks the latest installment from Apple.  This has become a yearly routine since 2011.  As my Mac customers have come to know, I provide full service installation support.  I will make sure you have a backup of your Mac, proper backup of the installer (for future re-installation), and ensure that your applications are working as intended post installation.  There are 60 security fixes in this new version.   

iOS — Apple’s latest version of iOS was released on Sept. 13.  I grabbed it on day one.  I like the feel of it.  Swiping right on the home screen and seeing my next appointment is quite helpful.  If you haven’t been prompted already, you can go ahead and do the update.  Plug your iPhone or iPad into a power outlet.  Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update.  

Android — It’s been a rough month for the Android community.  However, Android is still a valuable platform for those who love Google’s services.  You have probably all heard of the bad news about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  That phone was supposed to be a real iPhone killer.  Now, there is a lack of competition in the market while Samsung handles the recall and gets the Note 7 back to market on or around Oct. 20th.  If you are an Android buyer and can wait, the Note 7 will be a great choice. LG’s new V20 will also come out in late October.  That is a phone you should consider.   If you are looking to go cheap, please consider the Moto G4 which can be ordered directly from for $200-250.  Sadly, there will be no cheap Nexus phones from Google this year.  Google intends to go “full monty” with two Pixel branded phones that are priced like iPhones.  The Samsung Galaxy S7, released in March, is a safe and solid bet for Android buyers.