Last Pass–a fine password manager

Why is a 3rd party manager like Last Pass better than Apple’s own built in password manager?

– They are a different company.  The user is not putting all eggs in one basket

–  While they are free for computer only, clients pay for mobile device access.  customer’s paying for something is a good thing.  They don’t have to worry about sinister means being used to generate revenue.  

– Passwords can be printed

-Passwords can be exported for archival purposes

– When Last Pass times out on the computer (we set yours to two hours), the data cannot be retrieved by prying eyes.  Last Pass is not an application on the Mac.  It is browser based

-Last Pass can be used in Safari and Chrome (and Firefox) also.  I can be used on Windows and Mac.  

– Last Pass takes password security very seriously.  The data is well encrypted.  A couple years ago, it was discovered that Apple was storing Safari passwords in plain text, with their own password manager.  

– Last Pass is a company with significant value. They were acquired last year by Log Me In for $125 million, with the founder staying on board to run Last Pass.  

– Last Pass is the password manager of choice for Steve Gibson, of the Gibson Research Corporation  —   He is also the host of Security Now.

** I owe a significant degree of my I.T. security knowledge to people like Steve Gibson.   

Here is a Last Pass tutorial video with a great “appetizer” on general password security.  The teacher is Australian.